If you come across any kind of chip, scratch or staining in your bath, there might just be a solution so that you don’t have to buy a new one!

The departing tenants of a rented house left a very unsightly stain in the main bathroom. The landlord was understandably distraught at the prospect of not just replacing the bath, but also having to replace all of the surrounding tiles, etc. We were able to save him all of that expense and hassle by repairing the damage in just two hours.

You might be wondering what could cause a stain such as this! Many people go to a hair salon to have their hair dyed, however, others might do it themselves and indeed, many will be doing it for the first time during the Coronavirus lockdown. There’s a risk of dropping the dye onto the surface of the bath and if it’s not rinsed down immediately, it WILL stain the surface of your bath, but don’t get too mad if it’s your teenage daughter’s fault as we can come and sort it out for you.

Relaxing in the bath is part of every day life for many and it’s not uncommon to hear about people smoking in the bath, burning candles around the bath and even drinking a cup of tea or glass of wine whilst relaxing in the bath. Any of these items could cause damage which can be an unsightly burn or a sharp chip. These are everyday repairs for Surface Heroes and we’re always happy to help.