Generally it’s the bath, basin or shower tray that requires repair in a bathroom, however, we can also repair flooring, wall tiles, vanity units and doors.


This is a very common repair for us at Surface Heroes. You know those moments that are like slow motion… you’re watching something happen and there’s nothing you can do about it? Well, in this case, a bottle of aftershave fell out of the bathroom cabinet above, didn’t get caught and the customer called us to transform it back to a perfect smooth finish.

Surface Heroes Bathroom Basin
Surface Heroes Shower Tray

Shower Tray

Contractors, builders, tradespeople, whatever you call them, are all human and accidents can happen. On this occasion, a highly skilled tiler lost his footing whilst tiling the shower cubicle and inadvertently damaged the edging. A quick call to Surface Heroes and we were able to repair it to its original state.